We sale authentic pearls at the best rates. Every piece you buy comes with a certificate of authenticity.


We handcraft our jewellery to perfection and design it to suit various occasions and price ranges


Every pearl is handpicked and carefully screened. We guarantee the purest and best quality of pearls.

Crafting jewellery since 1988

We are a pearls jewellery design boutique with a passion to bring contemporary, elegant and timeless jewellery creations for our customers. “Every woman is beautiful, inside out! is our guiding philosophy and therefore we work hard to bring forth the natural beauty, elegance and charm in the woman through our pearls collection. You can wear our jewellery with confidence, be it in any situation – work, home or a social event. We can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 2 main types of Pearls are: Natural Pearls and Cultured Pearls

Any pearl which is naturally formed inside an oyster or a mollusk in the ocean(saltwater) or in a lake or river(freshwater) without any human intervention at all. Basically these pearls were usually found by deep-sea divers either in the ocean or lakes and rivers.

These pearls are high quality artificial pearls which are lab created using pearl dust etc. These are quite sturdy & if good care is taken will last for many years.

These are the real pearls created inside a mollusk but by some slight form of human intervention such as introducing an irritant inside the oyster/mollusk in the form of dead tissue or a grain of sand etc.

Any pearl that is formed inside an oyster/mollusk in the ocean(saltwater) or lake/river(freshwater) but with some human intervention(usually introducing a piece of tissue inside the oyster/mollusk which stimulates the natural process of pearl formation.) Almost all the pearls today in the world are cultured whether saltwater or freshwater. Let’s face it…no one can really afford the cost of deep-sea diving for hours to finally find an oyster that may or may not have a pearl inside it!! This is because an oyster/mollusk will only form a pearl if an irritant enters inside it (say a piece of tissue,tiny organism,a grain of sand.)

a) Akoya Pearls(saltwater pearls, very expensive)
b) South Sea Pearls(saltwater pearls,very expensive)
c) Tahitian Pearls(saltwater pearls,very expensive)
d) Freshwater Pearls(affordable)

1.) Avoid direct contact of your pearl jewellery with perfumes, chemicals, cosmetics & lotions etc. We recommend that u wait for 15 mins after your makeup/perfume/lotion before you put on your pearl jewelry.
2.) We recommend that:
* you store all your jewellery either wrapped in tissue paper & then in the cloth pouch that we provide & NOT in the packaging that we provide.
*or you can store your jewellery in a ziplock pouch.
* Never store your jewellery in a jewellery box made of velvet/cloth etc

The Tooth Test: To find out if a pearl is real, lightly rub it against the front of your tooth — not against the edge, which can scratch the pearl. If natural or cultured, rather than simulated, the pearl should feel gritty. The artificial/simulated pearl will feel smooth against your tooth.

If pearl falls off and you still have the pearl with you, you can either bring it back to us or use super glue to stick it back on. Of course, if the pearl is part of a string, then you can bring it back to us & we can re-string it for you.

You can get a refund back for your jewellery, within 10 days of purchasing it with the original receipt & intact packaging & in such a case u will have to pay the reverse shipping charges & your money will be transferred back to you after we receive the jewellery piece shipped by you.

We truly believe in after-sales service in the following ways:
(1) in case of any issues with pearls that are strung or fallen off we’ll replace that particular pearl for you.
(2) In the case of sterling silver jewellery we can re-polish it for you in case your polish becomes dull, charging a very nominal fee for you for it.

We use 2 main types of metal in our jewelry that is sterling silver & regular metal alloy.