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How to match the perfect pearl colour to your skin tone & complexion?

Hi there! So are you planning to buy pearls & are confused about matching the perfect pearl color with your complexion or as a gift for someone you know? Well then you have come to the right place!

This is a dilemma that the first-time pearl buyers often struggle with. Though an important consideration, it is not as crucial as you might think. Pearls fortunately have the ability to flatter almost every wearer, no matter the color of the pearl! It’s more important to take your personal preferences and style in mind when choosing pearl jewelry. Pearls also absorb the colors in their surroundings due to their reflectiveness.

But there are a few considerations you may want to keep in mind:

  1. Fairer skin tones. Generally, lighter pearls – white, rose, peach, cream – work well with these.
  2. Darker complexions Go well with gold and cream-colored pearls. Golden pearls against brown skin can be breathtaking.
  3. Olive skin tones and white pearls with silver overtones are a good match.
  4. Black or white pearls, on the other hand, suit just about everybody.Their varying shades of gray to dark green bring out the best in all skin tones and complement most hair colors and styles.

This being said however, if you find yourself drawn to a particular, different color of pearl than what might commonly be thought of as “your” color then simply go for it! What matters most is how you feel in your pearls, and how wearing them makes you happy & self-confident! So your joy & happiness is what will make any color of pearl look beautiful on you! So go for it girl! Go ahead and spread your glow!!!

Happy pearl shopping!!!

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